Planning a Eurotrip on a Budget

Planning A Eurotrip on a Budget

As a university student who has a passion for traveling, it's important that I properly budget my trips. I dream of luxurious vacations but for now I have to be practical with my limited expenses – while still going on the trips of my dreams (it's possible). Pre Departure: Discussions: Whoever you decide to travel … Continue reading Planning A Eurotrip on a Budget

Toronto: The Canadian NYC

Toronto: The Canadian NYC

Over the holidays I went to visit my friend Olivia in Toronto for New Years. Ottawa to Toronto is about a 4 hour train ride, which is a much more comfortable option than flying. For those of you familiar with my blog, you'll know that New York City has always been my dream city to … Continue reading Toronto: The Canadian NYC

Quick Trips Around France

Being in Grenoble, I was a short distance away from some amazing cities & towns to discover. Those towns include: Annecy, Lyon, Les Deux Alpes, & Vizille. Β Especially if you are traveling in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, keep these places in mind! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annecy: the Venice of France – a statement that I stand … Continue reading Quick Trips Around France