Dear Bridget Jones: Travel Meet-Cutes

Dear Bridget Jones, I write to you again, as my London/Dating Diary continues, but this entry isn't about London at all. Rather it's about by *romantic* adventures abroad โ€“ my meet-cute experiences. Though you didn't meet Daniel, Mark, or Jack abroad, I figured you could appreciate the stories that give nod to the staple of … Continue reading Dear Bridget Jones: Travel Meet-Cutes

My Month of Solo Travel in Review

Before I left, a few people asked me,ย "What do you hope to gain from this trip?". Honestly, just completing this trip seemed like a big accomplishment (I would have never imagined doing something like this a few years back). I didn't expect some Eat Pray Loveย sort of self discovery ... but of course I'd take … Continue reading My Month of Solo Travel in Review