Paris … Again

Putting aside the whole glamourized outlook of Paris for a second... Visiting Paris for the fourth time, on a tight budget, with just a backpack, and during the winter isn't really the ideal situation. You've seen most attractions, you have no money for shopping, nor room to keep anything you buy, and you can't take … Continue reading Paris … Again

Grenoble: My Study Abroad Experience (Part 2 – The Fun)

As long as I can remember, I've dreamed of going on exchange. When picking Universities, I would drop one from the roster if it didn't have a good study abroad program – it mattered that much. I ended up choosing Grenoble, France for my experience. Best decision ever. [Note: This is Part 2, make sure to check … Continue reading Grenoble: My Study Abroad Experience (Part 2 – The Fun)

Quick Trips Around France

Being in Grenoble, I was a short distance away from some amazing cities & towns to discover. Those towns include: Annecy, Lyon, Les Deux Alpes, & Vizille.  Especially if you are traveling in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, keep these places in mind! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annecy: the Venice of France – a statement that I stand … Continue reading Quick Trips Around France