This is a bucketlist of mine that has accumulated since who knows when. Going through it was entertaining, not only crossing things off but seeing unrealistic expectations that were influenced by movies (took those off).

  1. Go to Europe (July 2009)
  2. Go zip-lining (December 2010)
  3. Ride in a helicopter
  4. Learn to surf (December 2010)
  5. Write a novel
  6. Live in London (August 2016)
  7. Become a successful entrepreneur
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Go to Australasia
  10. Go jet skiing
  11. Spend a day exploring the gardens of Versailles (July 2009)
  12. Learn to speak French fluently
  13. Become a good tennis player
  14. Go on a trip to NYC with a best friend (August 2013)
  15. Go on a bunch of rollercoasters (July 2011)
  16. Go skydiving
  17. Complete an internship in New York City (July 2011)
  18. Go on a multi-city road trip
  19. Have an article published in the city newspaper (March 2012)
  20. Donate blood
  21. Kiss in the rain (y’all don’t need to know when)
  22. Graduate University
  23. Study Abroad (January-May 2015)
  24. Live in New York City
  25. Live in London (September 2016 – …)
  26. Drink a pint of beer in Ireland with my family
  27. Dance in an Irish pub
  28. Take a boat around Lake Loch Ness
  29. Go white water rafting (August 2011)
  30. Jump off a rock into the crystal waters of Greece
  31. Ride a hot air balloon in Turkey
  32. Hike the trails in Cinque Terre
  33. Ride a gondola in Venice
  34. Have gelato in Italy (May 2015)
  35. Take a cooking class in France
  36. Ski in the Alps (January 2015)
  37. Go on a bar crawl in Prague (February 2016)
  38. Spend a day sailing (May 2015)
  39. Go to an SNL taping
  40. Celebrate my birthday in another country (February 2015)
  41. Get a lead role in a play
  42. Go to Lollapalooza in Chicago
  43. See the musical Wicked live (July 2012)
  44. Go to Asia
  45. Experience Christmas in New York and/or London (December 2016)
  46. Road trip along Highway 1/Big Sur (July 2010)
  47. Go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour (November 2016)
  48. Go dogsledding
  49. Go to a roller disco
  50. Go on a safari
  51. Experience no gravity

To constantly be updated :)

22 thoughts on “Bucketlist

  1. myownjourneysa says:

    I saw your bucket list. So when are you running your first marathon ? I am visiting Canada in October and will be running the Toronto Waterfront marathon on the 18th of October. Can’t wait !


  2. msgt3227 says:

    I think a cruise on the Cunard Line (Queen Mary 2…) is head and shoulders a more memorable and pleasurable cruise line than RC… That is how The Mrs & I travel to & from GB… Good luck fulfilling your BucketList!!


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