Why Australia? Life Update

For those of you who have been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you know that London is my dream city that became a reality. So why did I leave? Sadly, I only had access to a two year Working Holiday Visa; though I am eternally grateful that I even had that opportunity. When it came time to decide where to move, Dublin was high on my list. I could get another two years, and it would be the closest to London, culturally.

Why Move to Australia - Pinterest

Having met so many Australians while in London, I started to consider getting their one-year working holiday visa before moving to Dublin. It seems like a very odd choice for a girl who wants to be a London girl, but here was my reasoning:

  1. Explore a New Side of the World
  2. Chase Summer
  3. Melbourne is Culturally Close to London
  4. A Gap Year of Sorts
  5. Health Conscious Country
  6. Connections Already
  7. Break from London
  8. Taking a Leap of Faith

Well, I’ve been here three months now and have no intention to leave anytime soon! I fully expected this to be a “working holiday” but have been quick to make a proper life that I love here.


I’d been warned it’s quite hard to get a career-related job in Australia as an ex-pat, as the working holiday visa only allows you to work at one company for 6 months. There wasn’t much faith I’d be able to progress my career here, but I figured I’d give it a go just in case they were wrong. They were.

After working for 2 years at Ogilvy in London I felt confident in my experience and “cold emailed” a bunch of advertising agencies telling them why they should hire me.

As that application process went on, I managed to secure a freelance writing gig at a startup where I wrote web content for their clients, as well as doing some branding and strategy consulting. It was a great gig to keep me busy until I got a full-time job.

Three weeks in, on a Friday, I secured an interview at Y&R. They just had a position open up that needed to be filled. Monday rolled around and I got the offer; which was also a promotion from Account Executive to Account Manager! I’ve been working there for two months now and it’s been a dream. I’m given so much responsibility and I can see the impact I’m having, Sponsorship is the goal!


I found a short-term rental in St. Kilda quite quickly. It was exactly what I needed while I found a longer-term solution. The date that sublet ran out, my friend’s housemate was moving countries so I took his room! I now live in a beautiful 3 bedroom home in Middle Park. I have to pinch myself at the fact that I live a 3-minute walk to a beautiful beach. It’s also pretty great living with friends.


There is so much to explore in Melbourne. It has such a fantastic culture; similar to London, in that there is always something to do. I find people mingle a lot more here, which is welcoming. From rooftop bars in the city to riverside bars to beachside bars, the alcoholic spirit I had in the UK has not faded.

The other day a group of us went stand-up paddleboarding, devoured fish & chips with a Corona sitting along the beach boardwalk, and then went for a swim. Living here feels like being on a never-ending holiday. I’m still in awe that this is my life now.


It wouldn’t be right for me not to mention this aspect of my life. Let’s just say, there is someone in my life and no dating apps have been needed. ;)


I expected to be travelling a lot more, but with the goal of getting sponsored I am putting all my effort into my career for the 6-months, I’m allowed to work there. Also, Melbourne is fantastic this time of year. My 6-month contract ends by May, which is when Melbourne transitions to Winter, so that would be a great time for me to do a big trip to Asia. In the meantime, I’m exploring around Melbourne and will soon book some weekend trips around Australia. My travel bug has not disappeared, it’s merely on hold.


My lifestyle has simply changed. I feel more easygoing, yet more ambitious, more health-conscious, more outdoorsy, and ultimately less fixated on social media. I’ve posted a bit on Instagram since living here, but I find I am on my phone a whole lot less. It’s nice to refocus on the things that make me happy and continue discovering new things to add to that list.


Have you ever moved somewhere that completely exceeded your expectations? Or vice versa?


24 thoughts on “Why Australia? Life Update


    Great post! I also arrived here in Australia three months ago and am currently working in Melbourne. I also love this city so much more than I expected to- I never want to leave! Best of luck with everything

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  2. polloplayer says:

    You’ve come a long way from that unforgettable post where a friend sent you on a β€œdate” that turned out to be shady. My son is an account manager at a small ad agency in NYC and dreams of working abroad – maybe Berlin – any tips for a wanna-be ex-pat?

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    • Samantha Faloon says:

      Haha I sure have! πŸ™ˆ Apologies for the delayed response! Seems like I missed a few comments from this post.

      Has your son made the big move? Suppose it’s a bit tricky to move abroad in the current state, but when we get back to the new normal – my tips would be to not overthink it and just go! There are Facebook groups for fellow ex-pats where you can make friends, even find a place to live. That’s probably the main thing, focus on making friends (in addition to finding work to afford to live abroad) because that network will make the experience all the more fulfilling!

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  3. rebbit7 says:

    So exciting! Been following your blog before your stint in London, and it’s incredible how far you’ve come! Australia sounds like a whole new adventure, and I can’t wait to read all about it. Enjoy your time, and happy holidays. :)

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  4. Rosie says:

    I’m in awe of your ability to move countries and make a life for yourself so quickly in a completely new place! I’m sure Australia has plenty of exciting adventures in store for you. Enjoy your time there! Look forward to reading about your experiences down under πŸ™‚

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  5. 3sistersabroad says:

    My home town…well my adopted home town…Born and bred in Perth Western Australia. I now live down on the Mornington Peninsular…Capel Sound…or Rosebud West to some….One street away from the beach….we have black swans that love this area….Last week a couple had their cygnets with them…

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  6. Salonie Malhotra says:

    I moved in to London to complete my further studies in Media. London is great, you will know it better as you’ve worked her with Ogilvy. On that note, I’ve to say- Ogilvy is MY DREAM WORKPLACE and even YOUNG & RUBICAN. It’s like you’re working in my dream places. Could you talk about working there and the application process in your future posts PLEASEEEE

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    • Samantha Faloon says:

      Hey Salonie,

      Thanks for your comment! I don’t plan on writing an article about my work experience but happy to discuss!

      Working at Ogilvy was a dream come true, especially for my first job out of uni, and being in London! That being said I was a small fish in a big pond. I am so grateful that I had that experience straight out the gate, but I wish I could go back once my skills are more developed (Account Director level perhaps). In my opinion, if you start out at a smaller agency you can grow faster and then join a major agency like Ogilvy with a bang (with more certainty of what you bring to the table). That being said, I looked at your CV and it seems that you have lots of experience already, so you might already be ready!

      Regarding the application process, I applied on LinkedIn to a role at Ogilvy (not even the one I was hired for!). Somehow my CV made it through what I though was the black hole of online applications and fell into the hands of a hiring manager. Pure luck! For my job at Y&R, I emailed them, without knowing there was a position and said I’d be a great addition to the team for x reasons. Kind of like a cold call. Again luck was on my side because they just found out they needed a role filled at my level.

      Hope that helps xx

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      • Salonie Malhotra says:

        Thank you so much for sharing all of this, it really helps one to get an understanding and, learn on how you can go about applying.

        I feel luck is with those who are ready to work hard and, be patient for the right results – after going through your blog site, I learn you have both the values and of course, many more. So, keep inspiring millennials like myself with your amazing work Samantha.

        Stay happy and blessed :)

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      • Samantha Faloon says:

        That is so sweet of you, thank you so much Salonie. And yes I agree with hard work and patience. I also think luck is linked to those who put themselves out there to go after what they want. Make it happen for yourself! πŸ€—

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  7. copypowerblog says:

    Good luck with your stay here. Good informative post. Would love to hear about your Aussie experience more. My husband lives in Adelaide so this post makes me feel more connected to the country on the whole. Thanks for sharing. K.

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