Dear Bridget Jones: I’m Not an Alcoholic, I’m a Londoner

Dear Bridget Jones,

From witnessing your London lifestyle of after work drinks with your mates to bottles of wine in your pajamas at home, I was expecting I’d lead a similar life when I moved here. Little did I know, this was the core lifestyle of Londoners.

Ask anyone: Hobbies? Going for drinks. What do you want to do today? Go for drinks. Any weekend plans? Out for drinks. What about morning activities? Bottomless Brunch.

nature walk.png

Living in a tiny apartment, which is all one can afford here (I’m sorry Bridget but this was the one unrelatable thing about you. Who was your landlord?), means that you want to seize every opportunity to get out of the flat and avoid belting out “ALL BY MYSELF”.

These opportunities to get out are 40% food related, 10% who-knows-what related, and 50% drinking related. So really it’s 90% drinking related, because you know a glass of red would be fabulous with your meal.

Because of this, cutting alcohol out of your life to cleanse and detoxify means taking a break from Sunday through Thursday — and that is a challenge in itself. God forbid you ALSO give up your Friday and Saturday for some stupid detox.

Now for all you concerned mothers out there, don’t worry the drinking in Uni was much more severe. I like to think of this as classy alcoholism. Going out for drinks multiple nights a week doesn’t mean you are getting drunk every night and it definitely doesn’t mean you are binge drinking. I’m talking about 1-10 drinks a night … just joking more like 1-5 (5 being a big Friday or Saturday).

Yes, London destroys your health in many ways (alcohol just being one of them), but at least you are having fun. Can you tell I’m a millennial?

Anyways, thank you Bridget for showing people the true London life (again, apartment aside).

– Samantha xx


15 thoughts on “Dear Bridget Jones: I’m Not an Alcoholic, I’m a Londoner

  1. Valentin says:

    First time being in England and notice the same here. If people go to town, they just go there for food or to the next bar/club and not only during weekends :D Sometimes it’s really difficult to be sober for at least one day

    Liked by 1 person

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