Dear Bridget Jones: Travel Meet-Cutes

Dear Bridget Jones,

I write to you again, as my London/Dating Diary continues, but this entry isn’t about London at all. Rather it’s about by *romantic* adventures abroad – my meet-cute experiences. Though you didn’t meet Daniel, Mark, or Jack abroad, I figured you could appreciate the stories that give nod to the staple of romantic comedies.

A meet-cute being the moment two main characters of an inevitable love story meet. Luckily none of my meet-cutes was of me falling in a pile of mud wearing a white jumper and trouser combo – though I would most definitely destroy a nice outfit and my dignity to meet Jack. Damn, he’s a looker.

Dear Bridget Jones Travel Meet Cutes - Header

These guys were simply spontaneous moments that lasted a night or simply an hour. They left great memories, and I didn’t expect to hear from them again. They will each remain in my mind as great spontaneous memories during my travels.

The Australian in Dubrovnik: Gelato by the Sea

I went to Dubrovnik with my friend Sarah back in 2015. We chose to split up one day and I would tour the Ancient City Walls (a necessary walk for any Game of Thrones fan).

As the walk came to an end, this cute Australian bloke starts chatting to me about what I thought of it and whether I watched Game of Thrones. It was a hot day, so he smoothly asked if I’d like to go get gelato with him to cool down. I was supposed to meet Sarah right after my walk … Oh well, she’ll be fine!

He paid for my gelato and said: “Right, well I picked the gelato, now you pick a spot for us to sit”. The perfect spot came to mind, “Follow me.”

Beyond the city walls is a pathway that leads to cliffs overlooking the sea. It was as if we had this private oasis with the most beautiful view. We talked for an hour or so and kissed.

I’m not going to lie, the kiss felt a tad unnatural with him – but how can you not kiss in this romantic setting with a cute guy by your side. Regardless, I was over the moon. I’d always heard of people having these experiences abroad and I finally had mine.

The American in Prague: Underground Nightlife

During my first trip to Prague, I realized I could travel solo. I went with a friend of mine but she was feeling ill and preferred to FaceTime her boyfriend. Meanwhile, I’d been chatting with a bunch of people in the hostel and it sounded like there was an exciting night out in the works. I may have been a bit nervous to go out in a foreign country with strangers, but I quickly put my reservations aside.

The night brought us to Mix Club. This is one of the coolest clubs I’ve been to – it looks like Lewis Carroll crafted up a club while on an acid trip. Different dark rooms with a mix of coloured lights and mechanical intricacies, along with EDM music.

There was one guy in particular who had my attention, an American who was briefly working at the hostel. He was really attentive and focused on me, even with all the others around us, so we wandered off from the group to get a drink and chat. We found this wall full of light switches where you can make your own design in lights (like a Lite-Brite toy) and spelt our names. Is this the new cool version of carving your names in a tree?

He told me the night before a few of the guys had ventured to a strip club. Thinking how comical it was, I asked him to take me. It would be the first (and only) strip club I’d ever visited.

I was surprised by how classy this strip club was. No sight of men leaning their drunken bodies on the edge of the stage with bills in hand while they ogled women out of their league. Everyone was at a table deep in conversation while the dancers did their thing on the stage. I kind of felt bad the strippers weren’t getting lots of attention or bills in their panties.

We sat there for as long as we politely could without buying a drink and as we left we bumped into a group of guys from the hostel – no surprise! He walked us all back to the hostel and waited until everyone had gone to their rooms before kissing me goodnight.

For some reason, we didn’t cross paths the next night, my last night. But it was okay, there was a new cute Australian to flirt with – who also introduced me to a Shandy (aka a Radler, it’s not sex-related).

The Brit in Berlin: Rooftops and Champagne

I’m sure you’ve heard about Berlin‘s famous nightlife. The photo of my friend Toni and I shows our pure excitement for the night ahead. You think I’d known what was coming.

As soon as we arrived at the rooftop bar, I scanned the place and went off on my own. Time to mingle. With just enough alcohol for courage and not too much to look like an idiot, I chatted up two posh guys, who also came with a British accent. This was before I knew I could move to London, so everything British was like finding a pot of gold – a very attractive pot of gold.

After some fantastic banter orchestrated by yours truly, the guys bought me a drink and suggested we dance. One made the move and pulled me onto the dance floor. Just before things got awkward for the second guy, my friend Toni appeared. “Toni, don’t worry, I’ve got one for you too!” I said, pointing to the brunette.

The four of us thought it’d be best to take the party back to their flat, it wasn’t far they said. (Mom, I’m sorry for trusting hot strangers, but I’m still alive!) Their flat was impressive; multiple levels, modern, and equipped with a great view. They were renting it for a few months as they freelanced in Berlin.

The “couples” split off and my guy showed me to the balcony. The view was almost as amazing as the rooftop bar; the tv tower and buildings lit up brightly in the distance. “Wait here,” he said, heading into the kitchen. I was transfixed by the skyline, a nice breeze blowing through my hair (that’s me setting the scene) when he walked in with a bottle of champagne (likely prosecco but who knows).

He popped the bottle and we drank bubbly on the balcony until the sexual tension became too strong to ignore. Ah, what a great make-out spot.

To bring this story back to my typical reality… When Toni and I left, we stayed silent walking down the stairs until we got outside the building. Cue screaming like school girls for all to hear. Did I mention the guys hang out on their balcony? Oops.

The South African in Edinburgh: Castle on a Hill

This one was probably the most romantic setting, yet I don’t have pictures to reflect the atmosphere. Picture this, one cold night in Edinburgh, my eyes locked with a beautiful blonde South African man across the beer pong table. The tournament was in full swing and I was going to win. Romantic right? That is where I met him, but I honestly didn’t think anything of him until later.

The hostel staff took us on a mini pub crawl to a bar with live music and, more importantly, double gin & tonics for less than £3. It didn’t take many doubles until we were on the dance floor. He had moves; twirling me around and dipping me, taking the prime opportunity to kiss me. Before we knew it, it was 3am and he suggested we go on a bit of an adventure (again Mom, I’m still alive).

In Edinburgh, one of the main sites is the castle perched up on a hill overlooking the city. Our hostel was by the castle so it was only natural to check it out before heading back. Upon the hill we stood there overlooking the lit-up city, chatting about life (as you do). It rained lightly so we held each other close for warmth, not ready to leave this incredible spot. It was so quiet, as though we were the only people awake.

When the cold rain became too much, we went back to the hostel and sat on the leather couch by the Christmas tree. I laid across his lap and we kept chatting not ready to say goodbye. It was my first night in Edinburgh but it was his last. Eventually, we kissed goodnight and said goodbye.


As fun as it is to have all these meet-cutes while travelling, would you rather have a bunch of short-lived exciting memories OR would you rather a meet-cute work as it does in the films and lead to an epic romance that lasts? Personally, I think the movie love story can wait. Throw in a few Daniel Cleaver’s for me!

Since I’ve been in London, I’ve been more focused on dating there rather than during my travels. Will keep you posted on that soon! Dating in a big city isn’t as easy as expected.

Until next time,

– Samantha xx


Have you experienced any meet-cutes abroad? Share them in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Dear Bridget Jones: Travel Meet-Cutes

  1. A. Mouse says:

    My favorite meet-cute was a chiseled blond Canadian guy I met in Iceland last summer. We met in the common area of the hostel we were staying in, ended up going out on the town for a night (I lost my favorite hat), and had a lovely make-out session. Talk about a lasting memory!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Samantha Faloon says:

      Thank you so much!! Glad I could bring back some good memories :) I feel the same, curious to meet up again but fully recognize that could easily ruin the good memory (had that experience too! – just didn’t add it to the post)


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