Moving to London: Before I Go

Tomorrow is the day! The BIG MOVE. I still can’t believe that one of my biggest dreams is coming true.

This post is part of the Moving to London series. I list the things I’ve done to prepare once my visa arrived. I also answer the most common questions I’ve received from family and friends about the move.


Things to Do

  • Book Flights
  • Book Hostel For Arrival
  • Sign Up With Kickstart (optional)
  • Change CV to UK Standards
  • Research What Neighbourhoods to Live In
  • Cancel Canadian Phone Plan
  • Donate Things I Don’t Need
  • Apply to Jobs via LinkedIn
  • Look for Flatshares via Spare Room
  • Get Travel Insurance
  • Copy/Print Documents
  • Pack: 1 Backpack, 1 Suitcase!

What Will I Miss?

To be honest there’s not too much I anticipate I will miss other than family, friends, and my dogs. London has so much to offer and I’m used to being away!

What Do I Hope Will Happen?

The craziest thing is that I have no idea what my life will look like in London. Every year before this, I had a general idea of what my life would be like. I knew the classes I was going to take, the place I was going to live, and who I was going to hang out with. Now I don’t know what neighbourhood I’ll live in, what company I’ll work for, who my friends will be, etc. Of course I have a picture in my mind of what I want it to look like, but who really knows?!

What Am I Worried About?

  • That I wont like it: The odds of this happening are slim but doesn’t mean it’s not my biggest fear! It’s very well possible that it will take a few months to feel like a Londoner (with friends, a job, a place to live) but I will push through the tough times!
  • That I wont find a job: I cannot afford to live there otherwise. Plus I hope to find a company that I love, and that loves me back, so I could potentially be sponsored beyond the 2 years.
  • That I’ll get scammed when finding a place to lease: I’ve heard the horror stories. I am so desperate to find a good place, that’s in a good location, and has good roommates!

What I’m Looking Forward To

I’ve talked about this a few times already (see posts below).

I will be sharing more of my experience once I have more to tell. Here’s to the adventure!

20 thoughts on “Moving to London: Before I Go

  1. Rosie says:

    Hope it goes smoothly! In terms of house-hunting, I’ve just been through a similar process myself in France whereby you need a house to open a bank account and a bank account to get a house (chicken and egg scenario or what?!). I’d recommend asking staff at the hostel you stay at when you arrive about which areas are good to live etc., as insider info is always handy (and you never know, they may know someone looking for a flatmate). You might find this article helpful: :)

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  2. Nigel and Jane says:

    I hope you have a safe trip over to our wonderful country. If you need any advice on areas to live and job-hunting, just get in contact. That’s not an empty offer. Please get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alex says:

    How exciting! London is amazing. The first month or so can be a little rough getting while set up though, from experience, so be sure to make time to go out and just enjoy the city.

    Also, for the life admin stuff:
    – Lloyds Bank only need a passport to get you set up (as opposed to both ID and an address, like most of the others), so you can tick that off before finding a permanent flat.
    – For NI numbers, if you know anyone over here see if you can get the paperwork sent to their place as soon as you arrive and complete the process using their address. Gets you working quicker.
    – Kickstart is a bit of a waste of money, everything they charge for is free anyway.

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    • Samantha Faloon says:

      Great tips! I actually just found someone who can offer their address for the NI number so that makes it a lot easier :) And I do suppose Kickstart is a bit of a waste, but it’s much cheaper than other options and the ease of mind makes it worth it to me. They did help with a lot of questions but yes, not needed!

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  4. kindredsoulsin says:

    Hey Samantha, welcome to london :) I was just reading your last post about the visa process. I have a stupid doubt, so let me just ask you: you don’t have to have a job already for applying this visa right. You can come over and find a job?


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