Prague: A Fairytale Party City

I have heard so many great things about Prague but never expected to love it as much as I did. You will be in awe of the fairytale streets and historic landmarks but will have a blast drinking super cheap beer and making friends on nightly pub crawls. Prague is the perfect blend of culture by day and partying by night. The biggest downfall? No photo you take, no matter how stunning, will do this city justice. Keep reading to see what I did during my 4 days in Prague!


The Hostel

I stayed at Hostel One Home and I can’t even fully describe how incredible my experience was. It was by far the best hostel I’ve been to. After staying at over 10 hostels, I never imagined a hostel could be so fun and social for travellers to meet one another. With events in the day, free dinners, and bar hopping at night, it is so easy to make friends. It sounds funny to say that my best memories of Prague come from the people and events of a hostel, but it’s true. Prague is a spectacular city but Hostel One Home made it incredibly fun. *Super cheesy statement coming*: They make you feel like you are at home in a foreign city. I instantly felt like the people there had been my friends for a while.

I highly recommend staying at Hostel One Home if you are a solo traveler looking to make friends!


Old Town Square

Once we settled in, we ventured out to the Old Town Square (which is super close to the hostel). It was evening and the sun had set so we walked past these colourful fairytale-like buildings in awe. As we approached the Old Town Square we looked up to the gothic styled Church of Our Lady before Týn (seen in photos below). The two steeples of the church were lit as though there were multiple torches surrounding it. It was medieval/gothic and so cool.

Morgan and I had become so giddy, we could not believe how stunning Prague was! The square was lively, with a busker performing in the center and a crowd surrounding him. As we did a round about the square, then I saw a sign and sprinted! What was the sign? Vin Chaud and Trdelník! If you read my Paris recap you know how I feel about Vin Chaud. I’ve had a Chimney Cake (Trdelník) once before in Budapest and loved it, so I was excited to show Morgan how good they were. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet but it was the perfect arrival appetizer!


For dinner we stopped into one of the genuine Czech cuisine styled restaurants, surprised by how cheap the food was (especially in such a touristy spot)! I ordered goulash, mashed potatoes, and a cider. Though the hostel provided a free meal, I wanted to experience a classic Czech meal and at this point I was unaware of how fun the hostel was.

Since we had a huge pub crawl the next day, and we were somewhat tired, we opted out of the hostel drinking and bar hopping (again I had no idea of how fun it’d be), which I kind of regret.

Astronomical Clock Tower

We woke up the next morning bright and early to see the view from the Clock Tower (seen below) before it became too foggy outside. It’s a stunning 360 view up there and they also have signs that point out certain landmarks within the view and reveal a bit of history about each.

At the bottom of the tower is the famous astronomical clock. It is stunning, but I have to admit, it’s smaller and lower to the ground than I imagined – not that that particularly matters!

St. Nicholas Church

I’ve seen enough churches in Europe to not be bothered to step into anymore, but we were informed that the St. Nicholas Church by the Town Square was Baroque style, which captured my attention. I have a picture of the chandelier below to give you an idea but the church was gorgeous, kind of luxurious (like what a Beverly Hills socialite would want her church to look like). There was also someone playing the organ when we walked in, which was neat. I didn’t stay long at all but I’m glad I took a peek.

Charles Bridge

This is the oldest bridge in Prague and you will likely be crossing it on numerous occasions, but it is extremely cool – very gothic.


We crossed the Charles Bridge to explore the area of Prague surrounding the Castle. I’m somewhat confused because I was told this side of the river was the Old Town, but if you Google it, it’s the other side! Regardless the majority of Prague that I explored looked old (obviously I mean that in the best way possible). We wandered up a hill for quite some time, breaking a sweat and discarding many unnecessary layers. It was a lovely walk, I’m just out of shape! We made it to the top and gazed upon the beautiful city and attempted to take a picture, but it’s too zoomed out to even bother posting the photo here. We ordered a hot dog for about a Euro and made our way down the hill again. The “castle area” was nice but it wasn’t my favourite area of architecture so we didn’t spend a great deal of time there.

John Lennon Wall

I wanted to see it in person just for the sake of seeing it. I’ve never claimed to be a Beatles fan, even though I do enjoy their biggest hits. Unfortunately the wall is not the original, as it was painted over in white years back. BUT I do have to say it was a nice experience, mainly because there was a busker singing popular John Lennon songs to set the mood. Other than that it’s a crowd of people taking selfies.

Though I didn’t see every aspect of the city, I did cover the main attractions. Prague is a city that can be conquered in a few days but if you want to make friends and have the full experience (aka you are staying at Hostel One Home), I would suggest staying for more than 3 nights.

Prague Pub Crawl

Though I will be going into specifics about my experience on the Prague Pub Crawl in another post, I will tell you that it is worth doing. That said, if you stay at Hostel One Home, you probably don’t need to bother since they do one every night (and you are more likely to make friends that way). Anyways, the pub crawl starts of with free unlimited drinks for the first hour at a bar. Drinks include beer, vodka-cranberry shots, and absinthe shots. Then at each bar you go to they give you a free shot (it was vodka every time) when you arrive. After visiting about 3 bars, you end the night at Karlovy Lazne, the largest nightclub in Central Europe.

To be continued …

I have many entertaining stories from my nightlife experiences in Prague. The first night I did the Prague Pub Crawl with my friend Morgan and the next two nights I went out alone (she wanted to rest) with a group of 15-20 or so people from the hostel. That will be a separate post coming soon!

Have you been to Prague? What did you think?

36 thoughts on “Prague: A Fairytale Party City

  1. rebbit7 says:

    I went to Prague back in October, and it has got to be one of my favorite places that I’ve visited in Europe so far! While I did enjoy Old Town Square and the Prague Castle, one of my favorite memories there was hiking up Petrin Hill, and getting incredible views of the city from the top. I didn’t do any bar crawls, but I did try absinthe, which did absolutely nothing to me. :P Looking forward to your next post on Prague!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. violetsforvivien says:

    Would you recommend Prague or Budapest? I’m leaning towards Budapest, but now I’m conflicted after seeing this…


    • Samantha Faloon says:

      Aha luckily by the time I had my hangover I’d seen most of the city … so those days mostly consisted of laying in bed and forcing myself to walk around the city for a couple hours … then back to lay down until the party started again! ;D


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