Movie Travelspiration

Do you ever scroll through Netflix solely looking for a film to ignite your inner wanderlust? Me too. Sometimes I won’t even care if the movie sucks, as long as it shows me around a place I could travel with unintentional tips of what to see/do.  (This post was inspired by Erica at Girl, Unspotted.)

Movie Travelspiration

Midnight in Paris – Paris, France

This movie is definitely an artsy one but it makes you wish you experienced Paris in the 1920s. Who doesn’t fantasize about the roaring twenties lifestyle after reading/watching The Great Gatsby? This film is the 1920’s mixed with present-day in the magical city of Paris.

Marie Antoinette – Versailles, France

I became obsessed with Versailles and the story of Marie Antoinette after doing a bike tour around the palace gardens with a tour guide who could recount history in an incredibly compelling way. I watched this movie after my trip so I could travel back to Versailles. The cinematography in this film is stunning and they filmed on location so you get to see a great deal of the palace.

Letters to Juliet – Verona, Italy

As a fan of Shakespeare, I was drawn to the idea that people would go to Juliet’s balcony in Verona and leave letters asking for love advice. Not only did this film make me want to visit Verona, but it also made me want to go on a road trip in the countryside. Italy is so much more than Rome and Venice, it is a vastly beautiful country.

Notting Hill – London, England

One of my all-time favourite movies (most movies with Hugh Grant are). After watching this movie you will be quick to add Notting Hill and the Portobello Market to your list of things to do/see during your next trip to London. I also added “Meet a charming British man like Hugh Grant’s character” to the list. ;)

Vicky Christina Barcelona – Spain

Another Woody Allen film. This one isn’t one of my favourites but it’s one I’d watch again just to visually travel around Spain.

Something Borrowed – New York City

Warning: I’ve listed quite a few movies that take place in New York City. If you have been to this blog before you should know why! Anyways, this is one of my favourites because I like to think it’s how my life in New York would be like (love scandal aside). Having a good job, living in a nice apartment in Greenwich Village, going out with friends, spending a lunch break in Madison Park at Shake Shack, and spending summer weekends at a friend’s beach house in the Hamptons.

Friends with Benefits – New York City

This movie also shows you around the city. Plus, it’s super funny (better than No Strings Attached – which is pretty much the same concept but set in L.A.).

Sex and the City (Movies and Series) – New York City

This series is pretty much a love letter to New York City. There are four main characters but the city is the fifth. Plus, who doesn’t love the fun and honest stories about love and dating?

Monte Carlo – Paris and Monaco

Kind of a childish movie, but I still watched it before my trip to Nice and Monaco. It’s always fun to get an idea of the things you can do and see – though don’t expect to be living like royalty like the girls do in this film.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies – The World

You may think this is a joke, but I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley, and I would be quick to say they inspired me to travel at a young age. They have a wide range of movie locations including Paris, Sydney, London, Bahamas, Rome, and New York City. Of course, watching these movies are more of a nostalgia thing, they aren’t brilliant works of film, but it’s all good fun.

Which of these movies have you seen? What travel movies would you recommend? I’d love to see more!

19 thoughts on “Movie Travelspiration

  1. EmelyeKay says:

    My sisters, friends, and I LOVED those Mary-Kate and Ashley films when we were young. I was surprised when I got to high school and my French teacher actually used Passport to Paris into one of our lessons! True it isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, but if it takes us to France for an hour without leaving the classroom, it’s worth something :-)


  2. Bulldog Travels says:

    Sure do! I just watched Roman Holiday. Rome itself was almost as big of a character in the movie as the actual actors. I also LOVE watching movies that were filmed in places I have been. It’s always fun to point out those places. (Or better yet places I want to visit!)


  3. 3sistersabroad says:

    Under a Tuscan Sun is a favorite of mine. Yet to get to Italy but will one day. I love watching European Movies. After our trip to Paris I was watching a movie and it showed the park that we visited on our last day. A beautiful park that the only tourists were us. I watched that scene again and again. Can not remember the name of the movie though.


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