What I Did In New York City (Summer 2015)

A couple of weeks ago I went back to my favourite city and had an incredible time. This recap has more pictures than usual. The city is photogenic, what can I say?

My Trip To NYC (Summer 2015)

TRYP Times Square Hotel: This was another Travelzoo success. We found a boutique hotel (aka modern, stylish, and clean) at half the price. The location worked because we were a short walk away from Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, Fifth Avenue, and more importantly the subway. It would be nice to stay in SoHo or Greenwich Village, to experience more of the life of a local, but this hotel worked perfectly for our trip.

Times Square: Our hotel was just a block over from Times Square so we spent a lot of time passing through this area. Even sat on the steps one night just to chill. It is extremely crowded which I’m not a fan of, but great for people watching.

TRYP Hotel NYC Times Square

Central Park: was the first activity of the trip. We wandered through central park and stumbled upon the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace which I have never seen in all my trips but always wanted to (because it’s featured in so many movies and shows). I was so excited! As we continued along we ended up at the Central Park Boathouse (another place I’ve always wanted to visit). As soon as we saw you could rent boats, we jumped in line. Everyone was on a cute date and there was Andrea and I struggling like crazy to not only row, but struggling to avoid hitting every boat nearby. It was fun though!

Bethesda Terrace - Central Park Central Park Boathouse

Something Rotten: is definitely a must see show! I talk more about it in my Broadway Calling post, which reviews all the Broadway shows I’ve seen to date.

Nino’s 46: We went here for dinner and it was really tasty. We ordered calamari to split and then each got our own pizza. Tip: unless you are starving – you probably don’t need an appetizer and a pizza to yourself, split that pizza.

Something Rotten - Broadway Nino's 46 Pizza

Top of the Rock: Of all tourist attractions this one is 100% worth it. So much so, that I’ve been there 3 times – each time gawking at the amazing view. Definitely recommend going right before sunset (daytime view, sunset view, and nighttime view) = perfection. I probably stay there for about an hour but it doesn’t feel like long.

 Samantha Faloon - NYC IMG_2760

Campbell’s Apartment: Calling all Gossip Girl fans! If you are willing to pay $14 for a delicious cocktail while listening to live jazz music in what feels like a speakeasy, all the while in a famous Gossip Girl setting, check this place out.

Campbell's Apartment NYC Campbell's Apartment NYC

Brooklyn Bridge: It took seven trips to New York to finally walk the bridge, but I did it! Sadly it was so hot outside that I was not up for going to Smorgashbourg after (which is also on my NYC Bucketlist). Walking the Bridge was nice but it was crowded and hot so I’d probably do it again at dusk or dawn.

 Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge

Union Square & Washington Square: I always make an effort to go back to this area. Back in 2011, I did an internship in NYC (documented here) and Union Square was the “home base” for us, since we lived at an NYU residence on 14th Street. This area feels like home to me and would definitely be the neighbourhood I’d choose to move to (cost permitted). Both parks are lovely to wander through.

 Union Square NYC Washington Square Park NYC

Oysters: I love oysters. We found a restaurant near our hotel, called Thalia, that offers a $1 oyster deal from 7pm-close. Such a great deal so we went there for a small dinner. Oysters and appetizers (since the place is pricey otherwise).

Comedy CellarIt took THREE tries to get into the Comedy Cellar (insider tip: reserve spots the day before, and make sure you reserved the right day/time) but it was all worth it in the end. We saw a great lineup of about 7 comedians, with a completely unexpected performance by the one and only Chris Rock! I’ve heard that famous comedians make surprise appearances once in a while to test out material but I didn’t even have that in mind when going to the show.

 NYC Oysters Comedy Cellar

Columbus Circle & Rockefeller Centre: especially at night – these places both have a beautifully lit fountain. It’s really peaceful to sit there at night if you aren’t up for any crazy plans but don’t want to be stuck in the hotel.

 Columbus CIrcle Rockefeller Center

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar: This is the first rooftop bar I’ve experienced so I can’t say it’s the best but I can say it is pretty freakin’ amazing. The view was pretty much a 180 of the city with a perfect in-line view of the Empire State Building. The rooftop was decorated like a garden; palm tress, flowers, fresh mint growing for their delicious raspberry mojitos – I had two, you’ve got to order one of those, so good! (Also where I took the photo for this post’s header). What made this even more special was that it was a reunion with two of the friends I made on my exchange in France.

 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

Chelsea Market: This was my first time checking out the Chelsea Market. There were a lot of cute shops and food vendors. I recommend getting tacos from Takumi Taco, a Japanese inspired Mexican restaurant.

High Line: is a lovely walk, not so lovely in the blazing heat though. But do it for some nice views! I also recommend starting or finishing the walk at the Chelsea Market.

 Chelsea Market Chelsea Market

Sadly, another great trip to NYC came to an end but I did tick a few things off my NYC Bucketlist! Already figuring out when I can go back :)

31 thoughts on “What I Did In New York City (Summer 2015)

  1. chictwentysomethings says:

    LOVED reading this! I have been to NYC a few times, but always too busy to tour around. I am going back in March, so this post really helped me out in deciding what to do between business. :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A Wandering Memory says:

    When you go back – try Southern Hospitality in Hells Kitchen – great food, and also the Fig and Olive in the Meat Packing Industry.- 2 of our favourites… We also love Bleekers street – if you haven’t been there already, its one of my favourite places in all of New York. Other good places you haven’t listed and you may like are Battery park, The UN building visit… I actually took a whole day and wondered from 110st in Harlem all the way to downtown – its just an incredible liberating experience to just wander for a whole day – tiring but amazing! Cant wait for your return to hear more of your adventures – A Wandering Memory


  3. Mountain Mindset says:

    What an amazing journey through words and photos for your trip to Manhattan. Even though I don’t live in Manhattan anymore I like you always plan my trips back ASAP. I’ll be there this week and next week so I hope to take your recommendations into action and blog back to you and make you proud!! Thank you for sharing.


  4. curlsxoxo says:

    Love this post! It takes me back to New York for the short time I lived there. There were a few places you mentioned that I’m bummed I never got to visit, like the Chelsea market and Campbell’s apartment. Glad to see you had a great trip!


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