Broadway Calling

As mentioned in Reasons I Want to Move to NYC, acting has always been a dream of mine. I love being on stage and seeing others do the same. I make sure to go to at least one Broadway show every time I’m in New York. Seeing a show on Broadway is an experience I wish everyone could have, the talent on stage is impeccable. For this post I decided to look back on all the shows I’ve seen – if you need help choosing what to see!

Broadway Shows

Something Rotten

This is the show I saw this past trip. I was convinced to see it because the billboard in times Square said it won the 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical and that it was the funniest show to hit Broadway. I love comedy, so I was convinced. Little did I know it starred Brian d’Arcy James and Christian Borle from Smash (a TV show I love). Also, it was a complete farce about Shakespearean times and popular musicals. In this show, William Shakespeare, played by Borle, is a conceited rockstar and it’s perfect. Only critique is that I wish Will had more scenes! The show lives up to the hype, go see it for lots of laughs! I was grinning like an idiot the whole time.

Rock of Ages

 If you’ve seen the movie, don’t let that discourage you. Of course the live version is better! Also the experience is so in-your-face, I was worried they’d involve me at some point. Super entertaining and funny. The music is 80’s rock, including songs from Poison, STYX, Journey, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Foreigner, etc. But here’s a warning, if you go with your mom, make sure you guys have a close enough relationship that stripper-like dancers and sex references won’t ruin the experience. It’s about sex drugs & rock and roll. Prepare yourself.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

I was so excited to see this play, and was disappointed to hear I would be going to New York just after Daniel Radcliffe finished his run in the show. But his replacement, Nick Jonas did not disappoint. I feel like Nick Jonas has managed to recapture my heart multiple times, seeing him in the Jonas Brother’s concert, seeing him in How to Succeed, and when the song Jealous came out. That boy is talented! The show was highly entertaining and funny.

Pricilla Queen of the Desert

This was an interesting musical! I saw it before the buzz about Caitlyn Jenner and transgenders and drag queens. It was kind of like my exposure to the world of drag, and obviously, it was fabulous. Now whenever I hear disco pop in the clubs, no matter my mood, I instantly become ecstatic and start performing the songs like it’s my broadway show. So fun. Don’t Leave Me This Way, in particular, gets me dancing like crazy.

Jersey Boys

We were so lucky with this one. As you may know this is such a popular show, that when we went, it’d normally be sold out. We walked up to the box office the morning of, and ended up with seats in the fourth row for a great price. One of the actors was really cute and I felt like he was serenading me, I know the spotlight makes it so they can’t see the audience, but I swear there was some eye contact! Whatever, a girl can dream. It wasn’t my favourite show but it was really good.

The Addams Family

I finally got to see the famous Nathan Lane perform on Broadway. This man is incredible at his craft. He played the role of Gomez Addams in a way I’ve never witnessed, but it worked! His charisma on stage is charming and funny. Regardless of what he’s acting in I think it’s worth seeing. I grew up watching The Addams Family and the comedic musical tale was really fun to experience.

Peter and the Starcatcher

The play is the prequel to Peter Pan and it was hilarious. I was literally drenched with tears from laughing so hard. I’d never heard of it before going but my friend and I were in the TKTS line to get tickets, and heard rave things about it. So glad we took the chance. The show was really imaginative; they use props and people to morph the settings on the stage. Definitely recommend this one.


This is one that my internship program chose to see, and I wouldn’t have picked otherwise. I like some music from the Beatles, but I’d be a poser if I said I’m a fan. Rain was basically a concert of the Beatles over the years. The actors impersonated the musicians and as the eras changed, so did the costumes. I don’t think I’d call it a musical/play. More like a concert.

God of Carnage

This was the first play I’ve seen that wasn’t a spectacle – i.e. Illustrious sets, costumes, lights, music, etc. When I saw the show it starred Jeff Daniels and Lucy Liu (I was a bit star struck since I loved Dumb and Dumber and Charlie’s Angels growing up). It was a change of pace from the crazy musicals I’ve seen and I’m not going to lie I got a bit bored at points but it was quite interesting. The play is actually a movie now starring Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz.

(Broadway on Tour)


My ultimate dream show to see. Though I didn’t get to see it in New York, I saw their Broadway on Tour version when it came to Ottawa. My mom knew how much I wanted to see this show, so she surprised me with front row and centre tickets! No way we could have gotten those seats in New York. The show was absolutely incredible – we left the theatre and I was bawling. “It was so good!” I sobbed. 18 years old at this point and no shame, Wicked deserved those tears.


The summer I saw the Broadway on Tour version of Grease, was the summer I went to theatre camp and performed the same show. Grease was my favourite movie growing up. I wanted to be Sandy since the age of 3. Not going to lie, I’d take Popeye candy sticks and practice my best “Tell me about it, stud.” Of course as an innocent child I didn’t understand the sexual references of the musical. Sadly, I wasn’t cast as Sandy at this camp. I played Patty Simcox and Cha Cha (I like to think it’s because the directors wanted to show off my range). ANYWAYS, I saw the Broadway on Tour version of show and though it was a great performance, I did not realize how different the play would be from the movie. It threw me off! Still fun to experience though.


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21 thoughts on “Broadway Calling

  1. Chow Kim Wan says:

    Something Rotten – an awesome choice! Trust me, Fun Home is a little too overrated. And please, An American in Paris is plain boring… No idea why it has so many supporters. Was wondering if you would give shows like The Book of Mormon, The Lion King and Aladdin a try. They are the best-selling shows on Broadway now along with Wicked.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samantha Faloon says:

      I would love to see Book of Mormon but the tickets used to be so expensive. Lion King doesn’t really tempt me, even with all the rave reviews. I’d prefer seeing new stories and I’m not sure about people playing animals – reminds me of the show cats. That may be too critical! And for Aladdin I would see it but I’d rather see more original shows first. In the future maybe!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chow Kim Wan says:

        Erm correction: they are STILL very expensive lol. Haha The Lion King doesn’t tempt me either… Aladdin is an amazing production though. I saw a recording (oops!) of it and it is as hilarious and mind-blowing as Wicked. The two are shows of very similar nature: you would love Aladdin if you love Wicked. But yeah, you can catch something like the classics first. If you like Grease and Priscilla, maybe go for Mamma Mia?


  2. tiffybelle5 says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with Broadway shows. I finally went to my first one this year and wish I could see a show monthly! So far I’ve seen Mamma Mia, If/then and Chicago! Thanks for sharing the shows you’ve seen.


  3. Sockmonkey's Kitchen says:

    Great reviews, Samantha. I have seen The Lion King – you may want to give it a chance. I was completely skeptical till my husband (then boyfriend) took me to it for my birthday. It gave me goosebumps. It’s beautiful, and I would see it again. After all, what better acting than to make the viewer forget you’re not truly an animal?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A Wandering Memory says:

    Is the Book of Mormon not still on Broadway? Loved it! and that’s from someone who used to live in Salt Lake… we are avid theater goers and unfortunately everything was booked up when we last visited NYC, but got to see Wicked at home instead… London is just as good in my opinion :-) Still really want to se Miss Saigon… but my fav has to be Le Mis still even after the 4th time of seeing it!


  5. citygirlriss says:

    Book of Mormon! Go see it! It’s amazing! On a side note: moving to NYC to follow my dreams as an actress has been one the best decisions of my life! I enjoy every second of it. I’m currently in Germany and traveling now but I’ll be back soon enough! Deffinitely check out my blog and maybe one day I’ll be performing in a show you see someday….hopefully! Keep dreaming!


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