Nice is Just a Place in France?

Let me say it now and get it over with … Nice is nice. Now let’s move onto some recommendations for visiting the city.

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Castle Hill: this was my favourite thing about the city. As you wander through Old Town (a gem in itself) you end up at an incline leading you to Castle Hill. Up the hill are beautiful parks in addition to playgrounds for families. You think you’ve seen the best view but keep walking to the top to have your breath taken away (figuratively and literally – I’m out of shape okay?).

Avenue Jean Médecin: is commonly referred to as the Oxford Street of Nice. There are a bunch of great shops, both affordable and high end. Perfect place for a shopping spree. We had to walk this avenue every time we went back and forth from our hostel, it was such a nice walk that I couldn’t complain.

Fontaine du Soleil in Place Messena: as you walk along Avenue Jean Médecin towards the beach, you will be transfixed by the Fontaine du Soleil in Place Massena. From all angles, this fountain is stunning (and I’m not referring to Apollo’s firm behind). Place Messena is a stunning place in general. Since the city is quite small, you’ll probably end up here a few times.

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Bus to Monaco: we were initially going to take the SNCF train to Monaco for 3.80 euros each way, when we realized the 100 Bus would take us directly into Monte Carlo for under 3 euros round trip. The commute was longer, but it went by quickly with the stunning views. Monaco ended up being a let down, completely different from what I expected. There were luxurious looking buildings and cars that boys have wet dreams about, but in my opinion it’s a bit overrated going there as a tourist on a budget. We only spent a couple hours there with not much to do. But worth the check off my list; another country seen!

Walk along the Coast: though the beach is rocky and not ideal for walking, there is a “boardwalk” along the coast. It wraps around Castle Hill and towards where all the sailboats and yachts are anchored. You could keep going for miles I’m sure. The walk is worth doing at night as well, it’s so peaceful. There’s just something about the ocean/sea.

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Fenocchio Glacier: is a famous Gelato place in Nice. Before I went to Nice, I checked out Making Magique‘s tips, since she had just gone to the city. She mentioned it being worth a visit. I was finishing up dinner with my friends in Old Town when someone suggested gelato. I remembered the post I had read, checked what it’s called and told them “Fenocchio Glacier” (obviously butchering the pronunciation) but we quickly recognized that we’d been sitting right beside it our whole meal. The gelato there was amazing. There were so many options from lavender to Kinder chocolate to the more conventional flavours. I got sorbet (mango and strawberry) and it honestly tasted like fresh fruit. My friends opted for the chocolatey flavours and loved it just as much.

 FullSizeRender 13 IMG_9347

Once again if you have any questions about Nice, comment below! I’m always looking to improve these posts.

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14 thoughts on “Nice is Just a Place in France?

  1. Ana says:

    I liked your post!!! Thank you for remembering those days when I relaxed on those beaches!!! I found it a very nice place for a vacation :)


  2. ramonade says:

    Enjoyed reading your post and brought back memories of our trip many years ago. Thank you for liking my blog, “Hong Kong in Four Days”. Please check out my website, where I give trip reports, give ideas and tips as well as give my thoughts about life & living. Don’t forget to leave comments to let me know what you think.



  3. thebakerytrail says:

    Thanks for liking my post! Nice blog! Will definitely have to add Nice to my list now instead of always going to Paris!


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