Artist Profile: Adele

Recently Adele released her sophomore album 21. Let me just say, it deserves all the success it has been getting. Her album is stunning! Her powerful vocals and soulful sound harmonize to make amazing music. You may remember the British singer’s hit Chasing Pavements from her first album, 19. Or maybe you know her from her worldwide hit “Rolling In the Deep”, which has flooded radio stations and iPods. Or maybe you have never heard her music before … well I am happy to make the introduction!

These are some of my favourites. There are links below if you decide to check her out on iTunes. Enjoy! :)

From her album 21:
1. Set Fire to the Rain
2. Rolling In the Deep
3. Someone Like You
4. Turning Tables
From her album 19:
1. Hometown Glory
2. Chasing Pavements
3. Make You Feel My Love
4. Daydreamer

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